Why Should I Join IEEE? A Million Dollar Question

This is the most frequent question asked by everyone, when you start campaigning, working and volunteering for IEEE and ask somebody to join one of the Largest Engineers Community IEEE (pronounced as “I triple E”).

Why Should I Join IEEE?

So What is IEEE and why you should join it, if you’re a Student, Teacher, Consultant and Employee in Electrical & Electronics, Computer, Telecom and of any other allied Engineering Department it is for you.

Today, IEEE’s great tools can spread boundaries of knowledge, bridge the geographic gap and help make other countries feel part of the global community. IEEE itself is a very open community.   –  Dr. Mathukumali Vidyasagar ( Head, Bioengineering Dept, University of Texas & IEEE Fellow)

I will try to answer this question and a lot others in steps.

What is IEEE?

IEEE stands for The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is an association/community of technical professionals with more than 400,000 members in chapters all around the globe and is a very prestigious society to be a part of. IEEE at university level works as various sub chapters and societies with members as students and professors. It is known as a platform for publishing papers in journals and statistically about 30% of the literature about electrical and electronics comes from it. IEEE is also known for giving standards, in particularly networking and communications field. IEEE 802.3 -Ethernet and IEEE 802.11 wireless network are the few popular ones.

IEEE now also moving ahead with providing Jobs by its Job Portal, scholarships to bright and talented students, Grants for Final Year Projects and other research activities.

To make lasting contributions to a discipline, you really need to have an organization like IEEE behind you.   –  Dr. Deborah Frincke ( IEEE Senior Member, Chief Scientist for Cybersecurity Research)

Benefits Being a IEEE Member:

The Benefits of Joining IEEE (the world’s largest Professional Association for the Advancement Of Technology) ,quite a lot depends on how active is the IEEE student branch in your institute and how you want to derive benefits out of it.

1) STAY UP-TO-DATE: On the latest technological innovations with IEEE publications and products (i.e. IEEE Xplore and IEEE Spectrum Magazine).  As IEEE is the world’s leading resource for technological innovation and professional networking .

2) Amazing Student Network. Get exposed to lot of talented people in various fields and not just your own. Meet People, Organize Events, Publish papers & Gain both Knowledge and Recognition by joining Special Interest Groups.

3) Building Team spirit & Self confidence: By organizing Workshops, Seminars and Membership drives Qualities like Leadership, Patience, Perseverance, Felicitation, street-smartness, stress Management and Time Management comes automatically in you ,which you might have not really followed even after attending an hour-long session(lecture) .

4) Exchange Information: Interact with leaders in your area of expertise. As an IEEE member, you can attend any of more than 300 major IEEE technical conferences and 6,000 IEEE meetings free and on discounts.

5) Boosts Your CV/Resume: Being an IEEE Member can turn your recruitment potential into an employment fact an IEEE appreciation Certificate definitely adds a plus point to your Cv/Resume.

There are many more so Just Join IEEE & KEEP Exploring.

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can Communicate with a Research Partner, Download Journal Articles, or Book a conference.   –  Dr. Lawrence Roberts IEEE Senior Member

IEEE Societies and Technical Councils:

Various technical areas addressed by IEEE’s 39 societies, each one focused on a certain knowledge area. They provide specialized publications, conferences, business networking and sometimes other services.


Technical Councils:

IEEE technical councils are collaborations of several IEEE societies on a broader knowledge area. There are now six technical councils:

One of the strongest points if IEEE is that it has different things to offer you at different stages of your career.   –  Dr. Robyn Murphy (IEEE Fellow, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Member)

IEEE Education and Jobs:

IEEE offers a range of learning and career enhancement opportunities within the engineering sciences, research, and other technology areas. The goal of these programs is to make sure the growth of skill and knowledge among professionals and to foster individual commitment to continuing education among IEEE members, the engineering and scientific community, and the general public.

I Joined IEEE because innovation does not happen in vacuum.  –  Elizabeth Plowman ( IEEE Graduate Student, Drexel University)


A lot of content curated specific to your interest are will appear at your email inbox, together with special opportunities and access to journals and publications. Now, IEEE has expanded its domains to manage personal profiles and interact with people through special interest groups and communities. All these come in down-to-subject bifurcation, meaning you get preferential content. There is a recent program – IEEE Collabtrec which aims at connecting individuals with common areas of interest.

Working for IEEE has developed me as a well rounded engineering student and helped me shine during networking events.   –  Salik ul Islam (Electrical Engineering Student, Founder and Mentor IEEE Student Branch HITEC University)

IEEE always believes in giving back. The amount you pay for the membership would be far lesser than what you can get out from it in terms of value in due course of time.

Credits: IEEE, Wikipedia, Islamabad Section – IEEE Student Branch HITEC University Taxila Pakistan.


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