Wearable Technology A Begining Of New Era

Wearable technology is a topic which is almost known to everyone. In simple words, it is the technology which has become an essential part of our lifestyle now-a-days. We are really surrounded by it, in market it varies from smart watches, smart rings, smart shoes, bracelets and many more. Some are so common that we don’t even notice them like hearing aid (which we all have seen in our homes) and calculator watches.


So, let’s find out how it came in existence and became so popular.

History of wearable technology

It was in 2004 at Cyber art festival there a Bluetooth connected garment came in light; it was called HUGSHIRT and was designed for transmitting touch over distance. People were amazed to see this as it was for the first time a gadget was in form of clothing. This shirt was connected to the internet as well as Bluetooth. This shirt was even called “BEST INVENTIONS OF THE YEAR” by time magazine.

A series of fascinating inventions

In 2008 came a hidden Bluetooth microphone into a pair of earrings and there was also a stylish neck tie with a hidden color camera.


In 2009, headphones were replaced by beanies and headband. So it kept on rapidly advancing in technology, functionality and size.

With its advanced features, wearable technology always attracted many consumers. One out of five American adults has a wearable gadget according to the 2014 survey of Price Water house Coopers Wearable Future Report. And for the techie lovers smart watches have always been a source of attraction.

As we have already seen this technology includes gadgets in form of wearable, like smart watch, wrist band. They have also stepped in making jewelry like smart ring and smart bracelets. So now here comes the most interesting question. What do you think the researchers must be planning next? They are going to make smart dresses. Till now such dresses were only limited to sci-fi movies and to the costumes of super heroes but now they are going to turn in reality.

 Some researchers were working on a project of making pillows which can communicate with dementia patients (a disease which affects memory, attention, judgment, language and problem solving) then they came up with idea to knit wires along fabric and then they thought of making such dresses.

Byborre is a brand which is making  and its founder Borre akkersdijk tells that you could link your devices to the hotspots of your suit, device could be anything your mobile, tablet, iPod etc.

Here is another such dress SOLAR POWERED CLOTHING.  A Dutch designer Pauline van dongen is making a dress which incorporates solar cells and we can use that energy in charging of our mobiles or other gadgets. But solar dresses are still in prototype phase.

The solar cells can’t be washed and it will take around two years for such outfits to come in market.

The days are gone when the only gadget people carried was watch.

With the advent of wearable technology our life has been revolutionized .they really became a very crucial part of our life.

Earlier hearing aid, watches, Walkman were needs but now we are really addicted. This addiction forces researchers to make something really cool and classy. And that is how this technology evolves.

So friends enjoy a new phase of technology in form of your wearable Items.

Credits: Yantra.org, Apple inc., Gadgets Magazine.


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