What Are The Charges, Voltages And Current?

Hello friends, First of all I would like to tell you that, this Post is only for the junior scientists and for those persons who are interested in electronic but they are not in touch with this field because here I am going to cover a very basic but important topic of electronic. In other words I can say that I am going to cover Basic Electronic. So let’s start with “What are Charges, Voltages and Current?” in a new approach.Image result for electrical engineering

What is Charge and how does it come in existence?

Have you seen charge? Maximum answer will be “No” and it is right because no one has seen Charge. But maybe someone will argue that he or she has seen. And he will give an example of “lightning”. But unfortunately they will be wrong because that is a spark or arc.

Now my next question is “Have you feel Charge?” and now yes will be the right answer. So what will be the conclusion, charge can’t be seen but we can feel it.

A brief explanation of Charge

Everybody knows that any material made by small particles and these particles are called Molecules. It is smallest part of any compound but further it can be resolve in to Atoms. Atoms are the purest form of any element.


These atoms are made by Proton, Neutron & Electron. Here Proton is a positive charged particle & Electron is negative charged Particle. And Neutron has no charge. It is neutral. Charge is measured in Coulomb unit and it is denoted by “C”.

The most important thing is that in our universe Charge is conserved. You can’t create it or you can’t destroy it.

What is Voltage and how to create voltage?

As I told you that Charge can’t be created. So, how to create voltage?

Basically voltage is nothing but it is a measurement of difference in charge. It is also called a force generated by electric potential difference. As you know that similar poles of magnet repel each other and opposite poles attract each other. Same phenomenon works with charges. Similar charges repel and opposite charges attract each other.



Now for generating voltage we have to shift charges from one body to other body and this can be done by shifting electrons form one body to other body because we can’t shift protons. As protons are situated in Atom Nucleus and electrons are in outer part of any atom. Electrons are free moving particle and can be easily shifted. You can try this by rubbing a comb in dry hair.

What is Current and how it flow?

Now you know about Charge and Voltage. So let it be continue and we will explore about current.

Well current is a flow or movement of charge particles. This charge particle is electron so current is a flow of electrons. When we give a path between two opposite charged bodies, excess electron automatically move from that body to another electron deficient body. It is due to voltage difference.


As shown in figure in negative charged body there will be more electrons and in positive charged body there will be less electron because we can’t shift Protons. And when we connect these two bodies with a conductor wire, excess electron will move towards positive charged body and direction of current will be from positive charged body to negative charged body.

Credit: Yantraeducation.com


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